Welcome to Rust Geeks page

Here we will go through some of the Rust examples and will try to solve some Computer/SDE questions or Problems in rust programming language


The problems/algorithms can be Easy,Medium or Hard. If you are newbie to programming , you might have noticed most of the schools/colleges start with “C Programming “ language.

But as an alternative , I would reccommend, start with Rust programming language. As you all know C was early computer language and created on 1989. Computer programming languages were evolving over the years.So in a way we can say Rust programming languages evolved over 30 years programming language researches. So its better to start with Rust programming language if you are beginning. But you can learn C/other languages also.

Having said this we will start with some easy Rust examples.


I would recommend you to read through the https://doc.rust-lang.org/ as a prerequisite or watch the videos http://intorust.com. But we will try to explain the concepts and solutions when we come across each problems in the coming posts.

Rust Example1

Easy Rust Add
Longest String
Medium InsertSort
Cutting Rod problem-Rust programming
Cutting Rod-Rust Dynamic programming